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EU Funding Projects

The European Union's flagship funding program Horizon 2020 is investing nearly €80 billion between 2014 and 2020.

Naturally, with so much money available, competition for funding is extremely fierce and precious funding can be won or lost on the finest of margins.


Through our work collaborating on EU proposal writing with European funding project writers, we know from the feedback they have received that the quality of written English is of the utmost importance when considering if a project will be accepted for funding or not.

They had all had projects rejected for bad English prior to working with RedPenWriters.

The power of clear, direct writing

It can be of no surprise that projects are frequently rejected, not because the idea or cause is not worthy of funding, but because those ideas have not been expressed clearly in English. RedPenWriters dedicated EU proposal editing services can help.

Grammar, vocabulary and punctuation change meaning. These are powerful linguistic tools, which used incorrectly render writing confusing, convoluted, incoherent and unappealing.

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We will convey your ideas clearly and persuasively, demonstrating their worth to convince potential investors to invest in you!


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