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"Andrew partnered with me to improve the written English of a cohort of students who were due to intern in the UK as part of their university programme. The results were evident in a short space of time and it really helped with their transition to working in London. I would highly recommend RedPenWriters' services to those wanting to hone their English in anticipation of employment in the commercial world. Andrew was also able to subsequently assist the students in presenting their experience gained on their respective résumés."

Alex Whitlock, Recruiter at G-Research

"Trusting Andrew and RedPenWriters with the final revision of our work gives us the confidence to offer our clients writing which is accurate in every detail. Sending a project proposal for assessment by the European Union, who work in English, means we cannot take the risk of our writing not being understandable or worse, demonstrating any inaccuracy in our work.

We always submit our work to the team at RedPenWriters who, thanks to their professionalism, availability and competence let us sleep peacefully at night!"

Chiara Canzi & Filippo Bertin, BLM Project

"I turned to RedPenWriters in 2012 for a translation of my web site.

They worked accurately and effectively to complete not only a perfect translation of my site but they also adapted the register and tone of my writing to meet my needs.

All the feedback I have received from my clients has been positive: the writing is clear and captivating. The work done by RedPenWriters has definitely helped my business to expand towards an international market, I couldn’t have asked for more!"

Marianna Memé,

Take a look below about what our clients have to say about us...

"Effective, punctual and with excellent results. I submitted a paper for a conference with partners of a European project to RedPenWriters for translation. The work dealt with a technical topic related to people with disabilities and the services provided by the Italian government to facilitate their integration into a working environment. Furthermore, it detailed the rules which regulate the working relationship between businesses and the disabled.

It was necessary to render understandable detailed and delicate concepts to our European partners. The team at RedPenWriters have worked with precision and dedication to allow me to better express my ideas and the situation in Italy to the other partners.

I will turn to RedPenWriters again in the future, without doubt!"

Giulia Torbidoni, Journalist

"Cavatina Singers are thrilled with their fabulous new website created by Andrew at Red Pen Writers!

Andrew's attention to detail, his imagination and inspiration in meeting our requirements plus his promptness have been outstanding.

Already we have found that the new website together with the promotional posters advertising our concerts that Andrew has designed have raised the choir's profile and increased our concert audiences.

We look forward to a continued collaboration with Andrew."

Jeanette Minns, Chairman Cavatina Singers