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Do you require perfect written English? Are you looking for professional, experienced translators and copyeditors?

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We have over fifty-four years of combined experience and have been working together as a team of professional English editors and translators since 2011, providing personalised, high-quality English writing services and consultation to a wide variety of clients.

Submitted once, checked three times!

We work together as a team so your work does not just benefit from the expertise of one English language expert, it is assessed by three!

As a team, we come from different educational and employment backgrounds and therefore bring different qualities to the work we do.

Professional English editors Andrew and Angela are both native English speakers from the United Kingdom and Elisa is from Italy.

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About us

Andrew is a Business and Management graduate and CELTA certified language teacher. He has worked as an English Language teacher, Business Studies lecturer and has written courses of study and examination papers for the University recognised English Foundation course.

He has the in-depth knowledge of English grammar you would expect from an English Language teacher. Not only that, but as a natural hazard of the job, he has been confronted by the mistakes foreign users of English make when writing for years! Mistakes which are both common and specific to many different nationalities (including Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German) regarding grammar, construction, language useage and tone, to mention a few!

As a Business and Management graduate with lecturing experience, he is fully aware of the different stylistic and linguistic demands that different types of writing require, from reports to proposals to business plans and all things in-between.

He is also fluent in Italian.

Angela graduated with a BA Hons in English Literature and American Studies from The University of Wales, Aberystwyth and gained a PGCE in teaching English from Nottingham University.

She has thirty-seven years experience of teaching English Language and Literature to A level standard and many years experience of coaching public speaking at national competition level. 

Part of her role within school has been to help students write their university applications with several of her students succeeding in gaining offers from Oxford and Cambridge. She has held important positions within her school including that of Literacy Co-ordinator.

Elisa is Italian and the only non-native English member of the team. She has a master’s degree in English, Spanish and translation and has worked as a language teacher and professional English translator since her graduation.

The immense value that she brings to the editing and translation process is her ability to understand firsthand the difficulties people have when trying to write in English. It is an experience she went through herself!

Thanks to this empathy with the writer and her linguistic background, she is able to identify errors made by writers relying on their first language and translating their ideas into English instead of thinking in English.

She also enjoys walking perilously close to death along mountain ridges and refusing to make either lasagne or tiramisu.


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